Your Audi Car Servicing Tips

Your Audi car means top notch performance as well as reliability. In order to make sure that your vehicle is going to stay in top notch condition so that you can have that pleasant driving experience, there are certain maintenance tips that you need to incorporate. Here are some of the servicing and maintenance services that you are likely to get when it comes to Audi servicing in Sydney BWA Auto.

Regular checkups and maintenance

For you to ensure that your Audi is in top condition, you must take it for regular inspection and maintenance with Audi servicing in Sydney by BWA Auto. There is need to carry out periodic inspections as well servicing for the engine, the vehicle’s transmission system, and the steering system of the vehicle . It is generally preferred that the regular inspection as well as servicing of your Audi car is carried out after every 15000 kilometres or 12 months.

Engine oil

The engine oil plays a very important part in your vehicle. It will clean and also lubricate the Audi’s engine. It will also prevent the effects of corrosion, cool the engine by conducting heat from the moving parts of the vehicle and enhance the sealing of the engine. The engine oil should be inspected and changed regularly in order to ensure that it retains the right viscosity level.

Your service booklet

When taking your car for Audi servicing in Sydney by BWA Auto, it is always advisable that you carry with you the Audi service booklet. This vehicle will be checked and stamped by authorized Audi technicians every time you take your vehicle for servicing in order to ensure that all data is up to date. This will also help in future maintenance work for your Audi.

Using correct grade of Petrol

The Audi is built for maximum environmental protection as well as efficiency in order to cut down on emissions and ensure that the cars emissions conform with Australian standards. Use unleaded petrol or Euro 5 Standard diesel.

Tyre maintenance

The Audi tyres must have the right inflation pressure. If you employ sensible driving, too, then this will help lengthen the lifespan of your tyres. The tyre pressure of your vehicle should be checked at least twice every month. The tyres should also be inspected for any signs of wear and tear.

Brake disc maintenance

After washing, rust may build around the brakes which lead to faster degradation which will reduce your braking power. These, too, need to be inspected.

Maintenance of wiper blades

When the vehicle is being washed, the right car care products will be used. The wiper blades of your Audi should, especially, be handled with great care. Avoid flapping your wiper arms.

Condensation in the headlights

Sometimes, condensation occurs when the headlights are turned off.  This is because there is a difference in temperature between the interior and the exterior of your headlights. It is generally advisable that the headlights be operated for a slightly longer duration of time in order to allow for moisture evaporation.

There are other areas that will be looked at when it comes to Audi servicing in Sydney by BWA Auto including the engine transmissions, clutches, steering and suspensions amongst others.

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