Categories of Motorcycle Parts for Repair

Despite their small size compared to sports utility vehicles, trucks, or cars, motorcycles still have many parts. When your motorbike needs replacement, it is important to know various categories from where you can source your accessories. For example, if you want Kawasaki KLR 650 adventure touring accessories, you can select from three different categories namely OEM parts, after-market parts, or used motorcycle parts. The type of accessory you choose from any of the mentioned categories depends on the part that needs repair or replacement. Each category of parts has its own advantages and downsides.

kawasaki klr 650 adventure touring accessories
kawasaki klr 650 adventure touring accessories

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts

OEM as they are widely known, are simply parts made by the same manufacturer of the motorcycle. For example, if you need OEM Kawasaki KLR 650 adventure touring accessories, you should look for parts made by Kawasaki Company or their authorized agent that sells their motorcycles from the factory. Purchasing OEM parts is the same as purchasing the original parts that came with the motorcycle from the manufacturer. The term often refers to genuine parts, which may or may not be covered by some form of warranty.

Advantages of buying OEM motorcycle parts

The main advantage of purchasing OEM motorcycle parts is that they are fit for the same brand of motorcycle without alteration. They are simply the same as the part that originally came with the motorbike. This makes them more reliable, durable, and a better option than other sources. Depending on your degree of need, whether you want to repair or replace, you can get original Kawasaki KLR 650 adventure touring accessories from outlets authorized by the manufacturer. If you need straight repairs in which you don’t intend to improve the motorbike or add features, then OEM parts are the safest option. It only important that you buy genuine parts from authorized dealers because some companies may brand parts from other sources as OEM.

After-market parts

In this category, the parts are made by a third party that has no connection with the manufacturer of the motorcycle brand. The third party just uses the manufacturer’s specification to make parts that may fit in their brand. That implies that an after-market parts dealer can provide accessories for different brands of motorcycles. Since many people are involved in the business, it is important to conduct a thorough research before you buy after-market accessories. Otherwise, the parts may be just as genuine as original parts yet more cost-effective. Besides, they are widely available from major retail outlets and online.

Used motorcycle parts

Another category to consider for motorcycle parts is ‘used parts’. Used motorcycle parts can serve the same purpose as OEM or after-market accessories. These parts can be either OEM or after-market parts taken from a model that no longer operates. However, you need to know that such parts do not come with any warranty or guarantee that they can work on your model. The main advantage of going the route of used parts is their price. They are most affordable compared to other options.

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