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During the morning we could breath the closing of this Championship , the boys were playing “metegol” and ping pong all together, exchanging t-shirts and talking with friends and while waiting to go shore. The lack of wind delayed the scheduled departure for 3 hours.

Finally at 14hs enable signal was given and all Optimist sailed to the court.

There were 6 knots from East, the optisailor Swiss Nicolaz Rolaz that had to defend the title was ten at the first race.

The race results was Russia first, followed by the US and the Virgin Islands in third place.

The time was over, it was 15.55 and the Race Committe was in the deadline to start another race.

Nicolaz Rolaz from Switzerland was the Optimist World Champion 2014. While the Spanish Aina Colom was the Women's Champion , who shared with us some words: “It was my first optiworld and I did not imagine this at first, then as the tournament progressed I could get my goals and I did it" with 14 years remaining a world : "I hope to compete again in the optiworld next year" says wishing to be a new optiworld champion .

The Swiss fleet come ashore together displaying the flag of the country, the Swiss champion Nicolaz said: "I cannot describe what I feel, It was much training and effort, It has been a long journey to Argentina, I didn’t imagine I could. This is my last year in optimist because I have 15 years old but I will continue in other classes competing and why not, try to go to the Olympics. "

The Final Results were: 1st SUI Nicolas Rolaz that had a very comfortable finish with 38.0 points, followed by Voravong Rachrattanaruk representing Thailand with 60.0 points and third Dimitris Papadimitriou from Greece with 63.0 points.

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