• We are from country XXX. Which hotel are we staying at? Open or Close

    We haven't allocated delegations to hotels yet. The allocation will be done after we know the total number of sailors and adults coming.

  • Will there be a shuttle bus service from the accommodation to the venue? Open or Close

    Yes, there will be a transportation service to drive the delegations from each of the hotels to the venue in the mornings and back to the hotels in the evenings after dinner. There will also be smaller vans available at specific times of the day for adults wishing to go back to the hotel while sailors are on the water.

  • Can my team stay outside of the official hotels? Open or Close

    Staying at the official hotels is not compulsory but recommended. Moreover, the entry fee for the sailors and at least one adult (usually the coach) will be the standard fee (as stated in the NOR). No deduction will be made to teams staying outside of the official accommodation.

  • Which is the first day we can stay at the official accommodation? Open or Close

    The official accommodation will be available from the 13th at a fee of USD 80 per person per day including breakfast. Delegations arriving before the 13th should contact the hotels themselves in order to book their stay.

  • Will official hotels be available for parents and supporters? Open or Close

    No, official hotels will be fully booked for the delegations. Supporters shall book their accommodation on their own or contact our travel agency. Please see the recommended hotels on the relevant webpage.

  • What is the equipment provided with the charter boats? Open or Close

    In accord to paragraph 16.5 of the notice of race, charter boats are delivered with the following equipment: hull fittings, two mainsheet blocks attached to the hull (one of them a ratchet block), airbags, padded toe straps, elastic cord to keep the daggerboard in the daggerboard (class rule 3.3.5), racing spars, racing foils and trolley.

    They do not include: mainsheet, block and becket (to attach the mainsheet to the boom), bowline, paddle, bailers, daggerboard lanyard to attach it to the hull (class rule 3.3.4), wind indicator (or any fitting at the top of the mast to secure the lacing lines for the throat of the sail)

    More information about charter boats here

  • Can I sail on a boat that have not been charterd to the organisers and is not mine either? Open or Close

    NO. Competitors shall sail on charter boats chartered through the organising committee or on boats correctly registered in the country they represent The sailnumber shall be the number corresponding to the hull as should have been allocated by the Certification Authority in the country the competitor is sailing for. The stamp, name of sailor, sailnumber and signature of the Certification Authority shall be on the registration book as indicated in the class rules. This will be carefully checked during the event measurement. Please refer to NOR 9 for more information.

  • From which day are charter boats available? Open or Close

    Charter boats will be available since the 13th at a cost of USD 30 per boat per day. This fee applies till the 19th. From the 20th and up to the 30th (championship days), the charter fee is USD 500 per boat. Delegations arriving before the 13th shall contact us to check if there are available boats before the 13th.

  • Can I use my credit card to pay for the damage deposits? Open or Close

    NO. We only accept CASH.

  • Do I need to bring anything to keep my equipment locked? Open or Close

    YES. Every country will be allocated a box to put their pieces of equipment inside. These boxes have an external latch but we won't provide the locks. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LOCK AND KEYS.

  • Will there be a spectator boat? At what cost? Open or Close

    Yes, there will be a spectator boat. The cost will be announced later but it will be a small fee, not more than USD 10 per person for non official people (people who are not part of the delegations) Members of the delegations will pay a reduced fee.

  • How much does it cost to eat in San Isidro? And at the club? Open or Close

    Having lunch or dinner in San Isidro or at the club can cost from AR$60 to more than AR$300 per person. As in every city, it depends on the type of restaurant and on what you eat.

    One of the most preferred dishes among children is the "Milanesa con papas fritas" (breaded meat with french fries). Together with a non alcoholic drink and dessert, a lunch can add up to AR$60 per person.

    There are several restaurants at the Club. "El Sollado", which is located next to the boat park, is one of the cheapest and a lunch can cost between AR$60 and AR$120 per person.

    The main restaurant is more expensive. You are not allowed to enter with sailing clothes.

  • How much does fuel cost? Open or Close

    There are three cathegories of fuel (we call it nafta), each with a different octane number. These cathegories are: normal, super (octane number > 85) and extra or premium (octane number > 95, the name of this cathegory is normally a kind of registered trademark of each gas station). The cost per litre starts at AR$9 and a litre of premium gas can reach $AR13. (around 1.20 US dollars per litre).

    A litre of oil for a 2 stroke outboard is around AR$100 (USD 10 aprox.)